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Bricollard Construction is :

  • the renovation specialist in Verdun and Montreal
  • an expert in tailor-made solutions
  • your guarantee of quality work
  • absolute trust, transparency and client respect
  • committed to deliver on time and on budget
  • multidisciplinary know-how and experience

On the level with you

No matter your budget or the scope of your remodeling project, Bricollard will always be on the level with you. Our experts will first provide you with a detailed estimate, free of charge and with no obligation. We will propose tailor-made solutions that are best adapted to your needs, with a guarantee of quality and absolute transparency  – no hidden charges, no undue delay. Our carpenters will provide courteous, professional service meeting your expectations with strict respect of your comfort zone.

Programs and financial assistance for renovations

As a homeowner, you may be eligible for financial assistance:

  • Rénoclimat, for renovations focused on energy efficiency
  • Novoclimat 2.0 , for new, high energy performance houses and multiple unit buildings
  • The Rénovert tax credit, for eco-friendly home renovation work
  • The city of Montreal offers various programs
  • Gaz Métro offers grants to help you implement energy-efficient measures

Note that others programs may be available and several banks also offer financial assistance for home renovation work.

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